ONGARD Portal - State Land Office

The New Mexico State Land Office (SLO) uses the ONGARD systems to audit oil and gas revenues owed from oil and natural gas production. It includes an inventory of state trust land, lease descriptions, well locations, exploration information, royalty, and other trust revenue figures, as well as distribution and collection data. For more information on the New Mexico State Land Office (click here)  please visit their website.

ONGARD's Royalty Online Web Filing  system is used to compute the royalty due and allow you to submit the returns electronically. The site offers Royalty Online Web and CSV Filing, Royalty Suspense Clearing, Royalty Outstanding Billing Statement Inquiry, and Royalty Status and History functions.

Also available are SLO Online Reports on the data collected by ONGARD and the three state agencies it supports. These reports are accessible to the authorized state government and industry users.